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Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail

No List. No Permits. No Problem. Get your message out quick and easy with Every Door Direct Mail service offered by PrintPapa. EDDM is an affordable targeted advertising technique that lets you map your marketing mail audience by age, income, or household size. Select from Flat or Folded Postcards.

15% Off
15% Off Direct Mail Marketing ($50 max).
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EDDM - 8x6.5

EDDM - 8x6.5 (PID:21757)

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EDDM - 9x6.25

EDDM - 9x6.25 (PID:21776)

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EDDM - 10x8

EDDM - 10x8 (PID:21777)

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EDDM - 11"x4"

EDDM - 11"x4" (PID:21781)

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EDDM - 11"x6"

EDDM - 11"x6" (PID:21657)

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EDDM - 11x7

EDDM - 11x7 (PID:21782)

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EDDM - 11"x8.5"

EDDM - 11"x8.5" (PID:21783)

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EDDM - 11x9

EDDM - 11x9 (PID:21785)

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EDDM - 12x9

EDDM - 12x9 (PID:21786)

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EDDM - 13x10

EDDM - 13x10 (PID:21788)

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EDDM - 12x9 folded to 12x4.5

EDDM - 12x9 folded to 12x4.5 (PID:21789)

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EDDM - 17x11 folded to 8.5x11

EDDM - 17x11 folded to 8.5x11 (PID:21790)

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EDDM - 25.5x11 tri-folded to 8.5x11

EDDM - 25.5x11 tri-folded to 8.5x11 (PID:21791)

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